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how long is 90 minutes

Approximately How Long Is 90 Minutes?

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Laws of the Game dictate that an association football game has two 45-minute periods, How Long Is 90 Minutes of play (except for games played by women or players under 16 or over 35 years of age). Amateur football’s longest game was played in Barotac Nuevo, Philippines, in 2009…

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Aaron Charles Rodger

The Famous Football’s Greatest Quarterbacks Aaron Charles Rodgers

Aaron Charles Rodger: The Inspiring Story of One of Football’s Greatest Quarterbacks Aaron Charles Rodger was born on 2 December 1983 in Chico. His early love was playing football. At the age of two years, he started watching the national football league. At the age of five, and he was able to play football. First,…

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