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Myths About Hiring Professional Epoxy Coating Services

Epoxy coatings are a popular choice for finishing products, and many homeowners choose to apply them themselves. However, before making this decision, you should know a few myths about hiring an expert for professional epoxy coating services. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common myths and dispel them so you can make an informed decision about who to hire for your project. It can be challenging for contractors who have to deal with these problems regularly to keep up with all the changes and know what to do when something goes wrong. This article will look at some of the most common myths about hiring an epoxy coating company. We’ll dispel them so you can make an informed decision regarding finding the right contractor for your project.

They’re Expensive For Professional Epoxy Coating Services

While some garage floor epoxy in Alpharetta GA may be more expensive than others, the cost of a professional epoxy coating job is only a fraction of the cost of a new home. Plus, if you do your homework and compare pricing before hiring an epoxy coating company, you’ll be sure to get the best deal possible.
Epoxy coatings are one of the most popular and effective ways to protect home surfaces from weathering and fading. Here are four of the most common myths about hiring an epoxy coating company:
1. Epoxy coatings are only for new homes. Epoxy coatings can also be used on existing homes, as long as they’re in good condition and meet the specific requirements for a specific epoxy coating application.
2. The cost of an epoxy coating job is prohibitively high. Professional epoxy coatings can cost as little as a few thousand dollars or tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

You Can Install It On Your Own

There are many myths about hiring a contractor who offers professional epoxy coating services. In reality, installing epoxy coatings can be done on your own. Busting this myth: You can install epoxy coatings by following the proper steps and instructions. Epoxy coatings are a relatively simple installation task, but a learning curve is involved. If you’re unsure how to complete the installation, consider hiring a professional installer. Epoxy coatings also protect against future damage and make the paint job look more durable and long-lasting.

You Need To Re-Coat Every Few Years

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think that epoxy coating is a one-time project. That’s because many homeowners believe that the coating will last for years without re-coating. However, this isn’t always the case.
If your home needs a new epoxy coating, it’s essential to contact a reputable company that can provide you with an accurate estimate of the required work. Otherwise, you could spend more money and have the job done incorrectly.
When choosing an epoxy coating company, ask about its warranty policy. If something goes wrong during the job, have the company cover any costs associated with fixing the issue. Additionally, inquire about any special techniques or products the company may use to treat your home’s epoxy coating. Finding a company that understands your needs and can offer you the best possible service is essential.

The Only Prep Work Necessary Is Cleaning

When you are ready to start your epoxy coating project, the first thing you will need to do is clean your surface. There are a few different ways to clean your surface, but the most common is using garage floor epoxy in Alpharetta GA. Ensure the water is flowing at high pressure, and keep a close eye on the nozzle, so you don’t end up blasting away at the surface too hard. If using this method, wear protective gear, including a respirator and gloves.

If you aren’t comfortable using a pressure washer, there are other ways to clean your surface. You can use a hose attachment or a bucket and soapy water on your garden hose or a bucket. Just be sure to rinse off the surface after cleaning it, so it is free of residue.

It’s Hard To Maintain

Fact: Epoxy coatings require very little maintenance. Most of the time, you’ll need to sweep them off with a broom or a dustpan. If the coating starts to peel or crack, you can use a milder solvent such as acetone or lacquer thinner to fix it. Just be sure to wear gloves and eye protection when working with these chemicals. Epoxy coatings are perfect for a variety of applications. You need an excellent epoxy coating company to help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.


The myths about hiring  Epoxy Pro GA are that the coatings are expensive and will not last. In conclusion, hiring an epoxy coating company is not that expensive, and the coatings can last long. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at (770) 744-4160.


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