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5 deaths in Wisconsin, SUV plows into Christmas Parade:

On Sunday, an SUV driver plowed into the Christmas parade in Wisconsin and crushed people in the street. Because of this, 5 deaths in Wisconsin, and more than 40 were injured.

At a very entertaining moment, when the children were dancing in the streets with joy and bands were playing Jingle Bells, a driver of an SUV 5 death in Wisconsin and injured more than 40, including children. Their holy tradition turned into a horrible occasion.

 There were a lot of voices, but Alas, those were shrikes instead of whoops of delight. Waukesha Fire Chief Steven Howard stated that after activating “mass casualty protocols,” responders took 23 people to hospitals, including 12 children. Other people were transported by their families and police.

The Manager Of this Campaign

The manager of this whole campaign Angelito Tenorio was also there at the time of the incident. He stated, “We saw an SUV speeding down the parade route. We didn’t know if this was an accident or a deliberate attack.” After the moment of joy, there was a blasting voice, screams of people, and a thrill of horror. Everyone ran, leaving their goods to protect themselves and their children. A father said while finding her daughter “from one crumpled body to the other.” 

In a video on social media, a woman is screaming “Oh My God,” and SUV hits the group of parade-goers. Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly, a parade goer, shared his feeling. He said, “Today we experienced a horrible, senseless tragedy,” he also mentioned. “I walked in the parade at the beginning. I saw all the happy children sitting on the curb. I saw all the happy parents behind their children. I can still see the smiling faces.” In that video, we can see that the SUV plows into the Christmas parade in speed.

After crossing the car, moving slowly behind the band, SUV hits the young parade-goers. People are shrieking and r here and there to save themselves and their dears. After a while, among those screams, sirens, and lights of police and ambulance started blowing. That SUV killed 5 people and injured more than 40.

According to Police Investigation

The Chief of Police, Mr. Thomsan, said, “A police officer fired at the SUV in an attempt to stop it. No bystanders were injured by the gunfire and authorities did not believe any shots were fired from the vehicle.” The 5 deaths in Wisconsin after the SUV plows.

   District board member of Waukesha School, Corey Montiho, was also there along with his family. His daughter’s team was performing there. Suddenly an SUV car crushed his daughter’s team. He mentioned that “I saw bodies and kids and dads not breathing.” Many teammates of her daughter were injured, but she was safe. He further said that he saw an SUV driver “calm and composed.”

Governor Tony said that he and his wife, Kathy, both were “praying for Waukesha tonight and all the kids, families, and community members affected by this senseless act.”

The Chief of Police said they tracked down that SUV and arrested a person. The police are trying to know whether this case has any link with terrorism. FBI is also helping the local police in the investigation.

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