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Shooting at Oxford High School: 3 students were killed, 8 were injured, including 1 teacher

Police Officer Michael Bouchard reports on the latest news of the shooting at Oxford High School. As a result of the shooting, three students were killed, eight were wounded, and a teacher was involved. Police have determined that 14-year-old St. Juliana, 17-year-old Madisin Baldwin, and 16-year-old Tate Mayr were dead.

Oakland County Police Chief Michael Bouchard told a news conference Tuesday that three students, two girls, and a boy, we’re in trouble with a firearm.

Mostly, the injured students between 14 and 17 rushed to several regional hospitals, including McLaren Lapeer, McLaren Oakland, and St. Petersburg. John’s. Joseph Mercy Oakland. On Tuesday, the 47-year-old teacher suffered a left shoulder injury that “looked like a scratch,” Oakland County Police Chief Michael Bouchard told a news conference.

Police have identified the dead as 14-year-old Hana St. Juliana, 17-year-old Madisin Baldwin, and 16-year-old Tate Mayr.

Oakland County Police Department provides the latest update on Oxford Mass School Shooting

Police officer Michael Bouchard provided an update on the shooting at Oxford High School, which killed three and injured eight. Therefore OXFORD, Michigan (FOX 2) – Oakland County Police say three students were killed and eight others were injured when a firefighter opened fire at Oxford High School Tuesday.

Oakland County Deputy Governor Michael McCabe said the shooting killed three students and eight others, including a teacher. The police also said the accused was a 15-year-old student arguing about his right to remain at the school.

McCabe said the first of more than 100 calls to 911 at 12:51 p.m., along with news coverage of the murder. Representatives arrived immediately and arrested the accused, but only after he had killed 11 people and killed three others:

Tate Mayr, 16, Died in a Police Car While Being Taken to Hospital by Police

Chana St. Juliana, 14

17-year-old Madison Baldwin

NOTE: What We Know About Oxford High School Gangsters

During an update at 10 p.m., Police Officer Michael Bouchard explained that the tight and tight training was caused by the rush to catch the offender.

“Oxford is one of the busiest schools in the world.” This kind of thing can happen anywhere, “Bouchard said.

He Also Said that Representatives Could not Wait

“There were about 1,800 students in the high school. The vehicles were dispatched at 12:52 pm. The assailant was apprehended within two minutes,” Bouchard said. “Police removed the suspects. In September, the Zig Sauer pistol was still loaded and had seven shots. When they took him away, he got down on the road. It could affect anything. Were the other seven victims. “

Bouchard said the gun was purchased four days ago, Friday, Nov. 26, from the accused’s father.

He said in the past, and there was no fear of threats or any sign that the accused was planning a massacre.

Oxford High School Assassins are identified by Age

At a news conference Tuesday night, Oakland County Police Chief Michael McCabe said the perpetrator killed three high school students.

Upon arrival, the accused refused to protest. McCabe said he asked for a lawyer and did not give details of what was possible.

At 2 p.m., a medical plane, including a University of Michigan surviving plane, landed in the school parking lot as a secondary search was conducted around the campus. Environment.

Isabel Flores, a 15-year-old freshman, was at school when the shots were fired. He told Charlie Langton from FOX 2 that they heard gunshots and saw other students bleeding before they all ran out of school. The shooting at Oxford high school was bad news for everyone.

Another student we talked to, named Savannah, said there had been a shooting attempt at school, and they knew what to do.

Continuing service of assassins at Oxford High School in Michigan.

FOX 2’s Jess Dupnak Talks About the Film Venture at Oxford High School

FOX 2 Jess Dupnack presents an updated murder scene at Oxford High School

After the closure was lifted, took high school students to the Meijer parking lot in front of the school.

One father, who was driving a car, said FOX 2 said he had to block students in the classroom when he heard firefighters on campus. She said they did not harm her son not harmed.

According to a report sent to Oxford’s parents, declared an emergency at the school. And he went to the emergency room and closed the school.

Pupils were evacuated by 2 p.m., and several ambulances and ambulances arrived at the scene.

Sent a message to the parents not to go to school at this time.

Several units at the scene, including SWAT and the airport and police, said the incident was still under investigation.

Oxford is Home to Less Than 3,400 to 30 Miles North of Detroit

Attorney Karen McDonald issued the following statement today about the massacre at Oxford High School:

“I was shocked and upset when I heard about the Oxford University massacre this afternoon. My office and I have had regular discussions with the Police Department, the Department of Nature, Auckland County Court, and other public and private police officers. During the Shooting at Oxford High School, 3 students were killed.

The alleged killer was arrested, and we began gathering information about the investigation.

“We aim to investigate and report the costs involved as soon as possible, and the accused will be detained pending these charges.

“We give our thoughts and prayers to the families of children who have died, children who have been injured, teachers and their families, pupils, parents, and staff, at school and on the broader community. They have all my promises. And I promise I will find the truth for them all. The Shooting at Oxford High School was a critical issue for police.

“My office supports our resources in the Oxford community, including our two donors. We will help the victims and their families throughout the process.”

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