Complete DIY How To Fix Door Lock By Professionals

Door Lock

Door lock problems are something that every property owner encounters at some point. Such problems shouldn’t ever be disregarded because they could negatively impact your security. Sadly, some homeowners don’t give their home security adequate thought until something goes wrong. That approach fails – when things go down, it’s already late, and security and deadbolt issues that can lead to costly repairs are already coming your way. To avoid such situations, you should be focused on your safety and proper maintenance of your latch. When the issues are neglected and not properly addressed in time, they might make you face even bigger and more serious issues.

Discuss Some Issues to Fix Door Lock by Professionals

Below are some of the most typical door lock problems and solutions. In this article, you will learn about how to fix door locks

1. Lock Works Slowly

Doesn’t it sound annoying if the lock stiffens and moves slowly each time you insert the key? If you’re in a rush and need to lock or unlock the door quickly, this can also make you feel rather agitated and perhaps negatively impact your mood.

Deadbolts, both interior, and exterior can become dirty over time through exposure to the elements outside, such as dirt and grime. It would be best to try some do-it-yourself solutions before replacing the entire set. You can try slipping a cotton swab inside the lock to remove the grime.

Additionally, you can use a silicon or graphite spray to ensure the keyhole is not dry. Moreover, you can easily insert into the latch if you discover that it isn’t sufficiently lubricated. Never lubricate grease or oil since these can clog it, especially in the colder months.

2. Defective Machinery

Due to heavy usage, an outdated and poorly maintained system may become problematic and malfunction. The problems with the doors are mechanical and they may deteriorate over time. Experts should only handle mechanical issues; don’t even attempt any do-it-yourself solutions because there is a good probability that you will already be familiar with the entire system.

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3. The Key Is Not Working

In situations like this, you should double-check that the key you received is the right one. If you give it a few tries and the key spins smoothly as you insert it, the deadbolt and strike plate is the source of the issue. But if the key won’t turn as you insert it, you’ll need to spray graphite into the keyhole to lubricate it.

Additionally, suppose the key won’t spin when attempting to close the gate. In that case, it may be due to microscopic portions of the key worn out or that have come loose. Hire someone knowledgeable about how mechanisms function and solve this issue.

4. Broken Key Jammed In The Lock

Due to wear and tear or if a rusted, out-of-place door or some of its components aren’t properly greased, the key may become trapped within the latch. You might have to wait in front of your door for hours before entering your home again if the key breaks inside the lock and must be difficult to remove. We assume that you would concur that this could be very frustrating. It would be impossible for you to resolve the issue alone if you have broken the key in the lock. They will know how to resolve this quickly so you can enter your home without difficulty.

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5. An out-of-place Door Latch

Your door latches likely do not catch the strike plate if your gate doesn’t close completely. The worst part is when you can’t do it how you want to since your entry frequently remains open when you want it closed. Due to faulty installation, heat, or wet weather conditions, this alarming situation could occasionally occur.

Whatever the reason, you don’t want your door to partially or entirely unbolt when you suddenly need to leave your house. The solution to this problem is also the expert team.

6. Loose Parts

The door-moving parts maintain the system as a whole together. Each component is equally important to the system’s operation. Therefore, the system won’t function as intended if any breaks or comes loose. The solution is rather obvious and straightforward: as you could have guessed, they become more flexible after prolonged use. If the screws come undone after becoming old and worn, and you notice it, the cure is really simple.

A DIY repair approach is an option. Using the proper screwdriver, reposition the screws by tightening them. Constant usage may cause screws or connecting parts to wear out. Replacing such parts isn’t usually as easy. If that’s the case, a crew of experts would need to replace and reinstall them.

You should ensure that whatever the problem’s root cause may be, it is promptly remedied. Such problems might prevent anyone from entering your houses or businesses. Moreover, at the very least, pose problems for you as a homeowner and other persons associated with your business. Therefore, if you want to treat these problems effectively and without delay, you should make sure that you get in touch with professionals.


Homeowners can easily fix some of the issues mentioned earlier using the following common DIY techniques. Still, many require prompt attention if you want to avoid more damage. This damage could result in a terrible situation and successfully repair the issue.

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