The Untold Story Of Captain D Family Meal

Captain D Family Meal

With more than 500 locations in more than 20 states, you’re bound to come across a Captain D at some time in your life. Even though this seafood-focused Captain D Family Meal restaurant was formed in 1969, it continues to expand rapidly across the United States.

The Top Seafood Franchise Restaurant

Captain D Family Meal announced in 2020 that QSR Magazine had named their brand the top seafood franchise restaurant for the year, based on system-wide sales of $562 million and yearly unit volume of $1.5 million,

Far ahead of other major seafood fast-casual restaurants like Long John Silver’s. Captain D’s was named one of QSR Magazine’s Top 15 Fast Food Contenders to Watch as the country’s top fast-casual seafood chain.

Captain D Family Meal Sites At Military Facilities Around The World

Captain D’s managed to make that much money in U.S. systemwide sales (and that’s not considering the worldwide Captain D’s sites at military facilities around the world) despite a pandemic that devastated several restaurants.

Captain D Family Meal looks to have no intention of slowing down, with plans to launch a brand-new restaurant concept in late 2020 that may keep the firm operating for a long time.

Captain D’s Hasn’t Always Been Captain D’s, And Vice Versa

First and foremost, Captain D Family Meal was not always Captain D’s. Mr. D’s was the original name of the restaurant franchise. According to Captain D’s, the “Captain” designation wasn’t introduced until 1974, a full five years after the restaurant opened in 1969.

But don’t assume the Captain D’s brand came from a modest, family-owned restaurant that lucked out with good timing and marketing. According to a Funding Universe biography, this eatery has always had corporate roots. 

The Original Mr. D’s Restaurant

The original Captain D Family Meal restaurant, which opened on August 15, 1969, in Donelson, Tennessee (through Captain D’s), was founded by Danner Foods, Inc., a Nashville-based company. Danner Foods was already well-known for operating Big Boy restaurants throughout the Southeast.

When Danner Foods decided to open a new seafood restaurant in the late 1960s, it was well-positioned to do so, and Mr. D’s was born, more or less as an extension of the Danner Foods portfolio.

Original Rebranding

It’s no wonder that the restaurant idea survived its original rebranding in 197 when the name was changed to Captain D’s because this Captain D Family Meal predecessor had the required funding and management to make it a success from the outset.

Captain D’s Original Appearance Was Quite Different.

While Mr. Ds did start as a seafood restaurant, it was nothing like the Captain D’s eateries of today. To begin with, the chain’s full name was Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers, and the specialty was still seafood on a budget, as the Captain’s D’s of today reveals.

However, as the original name may have implied, the menu contained non-seafood products such as those hamburgers, which you won’t find on a Captain D’s menu nowadays.

Restaurants’ Façade And Interior

In addition, the restaurant’s theme was unique. The restaurant’s façade and interior didn’t have the same seafood shack vibe as today’s Captain D Family Meal franchises, despite the smiling chef sitting atop an equally happy fish on the signage. Instead, everything appeared like it

belonged in a 1970s family-style restaurant, with plenty of brown tiles, wood-paneled walls, and dining tables that looked like they belonged in a typical family home dining room.

Our Dishes

Discover our extensive Captain D Family Meal menu of classic seafood dishes, including our famous Batter-Dipped Fish. You’re guaranteed to find a meal you love at a price you love with our trademark Full Meal Deals, skillfully designed by our Chef and cooked fresh for you to order. Let’s get started!

Combo Of Fish And Shrimp

Captain D Family Meal includes a piece of our signature batter-dipped fish paired with six pieces of our crispy Butterfly shrimp served with hush puppies and a refreshing beverage of your choice.

Combo Of Catfish And Shrimp

One piece of premium catfish, hand-breaded with our Southern-Style breading and fried to golden perfection, served with six pieces of crispy Butterfly shrimp, your choice of side, hush puppies, and a refreshing beverage.

Combo Of Flounder And Shrimp

One piece of delicate Flounder, hand-breaded with our Southern Style breading and fried to golden perfection, served with six pieces of crispy Butterfly shrimp, your choice of side, hush puppies, and a refreshing beverage.

Feast Of Catfish

Three hand-breaded Catfish Fillets served with three sides and three hush puppies.

Fried Oysters, 6 Pcs

Crispy breaded oysters seasoned with cracked black pepper make a wonderful pulpable snack.

Funnel Cake Stix With Strawberry Topping

Our delectable strawberry topping is sprinkled on top of our sweet and scrumptious Funnel Cake Stix.

Fish Drained In Batter

Our signature Captain D Family Meal includes batter-dipped fish fillets served with hush puppies and your choice of two sides.

Fish In The Country Style

White cornmeal breaded fish fillets served with hush puppies and your choice of two sides.

Feast Of Catfish

Hand-breaded catfish fillets with hush puppies and your choice of three sides.


2 Piece Set Catfish

Tender catfish with your choice of two sides and hush puppies, hand-breaded in our trademark southern-style breading.

White Fish In The Southern Style

One big, hand-breaded Southern-Style White Fish Fillet served with hush puppies and your choice of two sides.

Shrimp Skewer & Grilled White Fish

A fillet of our succulent grilled shrimp is presented beside a fillet of our scrumptious grilled white fish. Served with your choice of two sides and a breadstick on a bed of rice.

Seafood Platter Deluxe

We combine two fish fillets, six shrimp, two seafood stuffed crab shells, your choice of two sides, and hush puppies for those seeking seafood variety.

Stix For Funnel Cake

These sweet and delectable funnel cake Stix are the ideal conclusion to any Captain D’s dinner. They’re a spin on a classic state fair favorite in an easy-to-share portion with Captain D’s Coupons discounts on your favorite deals.

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