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The New Miss is ELLE SMITH, A Neighborhood TV Reporter in Kentucky

When winning the competition Monday night, Elle Smith adapted her Miss Kentucky belt and can attend Israel for a few weeks to travel for Miss. The title of the universe to compete.

Elle Smith, Works as a Transmission Journalist

The urban center branch of basics WHAS11 – wherever Elle Smith works as a transmission journalist – reported that Smith is the second Miss Kentucky to be Miss. it’s created within the USA. She excelled in swimwear and evening wear competitions and received a “huge applause” from the public for her ideas; however, businesses are often more environmentally friendly.

In keeping with her work biography, Elle Smith joined the station in Oct 2020 when attending the University of KY with a B.A. in broadcast journalism and a minor in political science. She was VP of the National Association of the varsity of Black Journalists, a newspaper and videographer for college publications, and attended various journalism practices in Arkansas and Washington, D.C.


NABJ and WHAS11 News were among people who used social media to congratulate Smith on her victory.

In an interview with WHAS11 past week, Elle Smith said he would like to require half in competitions since high school; however, he had to attend till he got a “big lady job” to afford it. The Miss KY pageant she won in might was her first.

She talked about reconciliation, her responsibilities at Miss Kentucky, her regular job, and the relationship between the two.

Smith, for example, said most of its competition-related sponsors are outside the station’s viewing space to avoid conflicting interests, prompting the concept that two-piece competition might undermine its skilled credibility. Elle Smith believes that the communication skills she depends on each day at work set her apart from within the world of competition.

Miss United States

“A Miss USA, her job is to attach with individuals,” Smith said. “She must be able to sit down with a three-year-old; she has to be able to speak to a 90-year-old veteran or chief executive officer of a company, and that we do this every day at work. You say… with a range of personalities and conferences of various people from different perspectives. For this reason, I believe this is often the foremost necessary factor I buy from my work then translate it into Miss KY USA, which I hope to translate into Miss USA.

Smith, a Miss USA winner, regularly visits Eilat, Israel, to contend with in the Miss Universe pageant on Dec 12th. Organizers same the international election would continue as planned, despite one competition testing positive for COVID-19, CNN reported on Tuesday.

Winning the Yankee Title

It’s unclear whether Smith will stay in her post as a journalist, and they didn’t instantly answer NPR’s request for comment. A recent profile of the University of KY school of Communication and knowledge was named Smith Miss. Winning the Yankee title, she will be transferred to l. a. with total earnings to represent the state for one year.

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