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Investigators Express Concern over Michigan High School Killer Charged With Danger

Investigators reveal concern about the Michigan high school killer; CNN reports two teachers credited the behavior of their student Ethen Crumbley, the massacre that happened at Michigan College.

On Thursday, police said about the incident two days before where three students, including a teacher, were killed and many others wounded.

Police met with his parents and told him he was assaulted doing murder and other crimes. Two days before, the incident where four-person, were killed and many others wounded.

Crumbley, 15, was charged Wednesday with assault, murder, and other crimes, including a Tuesday shooting that killed four Oxford High School students in northern Detroit and injured another.

The first behavior report was made Monday when a class teacher, a student, saw and heard something he thought was unsuitable. Auckland Police Chief Michael Bouchard told Brianna Keilar on CNN “New Day.”

“And they spoke to the school police and called their parents,”

Four days earlier, the gunfire that one teacher look the incident saw the behavior they thought was important and took the child to class. Work, make appointments with school leaders, call parents and finally decide whether they want to go back to class. “

According to the police, Crumbley opened fire on the school bathroom. He departed from the “practice method,” the lawyers said, killing students at home and in the classroom while putting himself in “guns.”

Bouchard declined to comment on teachers’ concerns, adding that his office “reported no strikes or preventive concerns.”

When raised the question two days before the incident, Bouchard left his comment, “It will be part of an investigation into what they want and why they want him to move.”

Police were under pressure from CNN. The police officers refuse to comment or provide more information.

On the exact day, the supervisor of Oxford high school thought that why Crumbley was unmanageable when he met him and his parents.

There was a discussion about the arresting student, and it was time to take action, said Tim Throne on November thirty. He also stated that there was no discipline in the class of there was no discipline.

He told the parents of the four dead students that they would answer all questions later, but “we can give you so much information today.”

Administrators Said Television Movies Showed the Killing of Students

After the shooting, detectives found two videos on Crumbley’s cell phone – filmed the night before the shooting – in which he talked about the shooting and death of a high school lieutenant, a sheriff’s lieutenant. Tim Willis spoke at Crumbley Court on Wednesday.

The primary evidence of investigators was Crumbley’s bag that was the purpose of the attack with a student killer. Said, Willis

He posted a gun photo on his Instagram CNN reported directly to the police.

A source said that the Auckland County Police Department believes Ethan Crumbley tabled the bill. He wrote the following words”Today I got my new beauty. SIG SAUER 9mm” reads the post below, which is no longer online but extended in detail.

A photo of the gun, which was suspected of being used in Tuesday’s shooting at Oxford High School, was posted on his Instagram account a few days before the incident, police said with direct knowledge. CNN.

CNN Tried to Call Crumbley’s Parents and Identify their New Son’s Lawyer and Attorney

Asked about Crumbley’s parents’ knowledge of what their son wrote or recorded before the shooting or how it turned into a new weapon, Bouchard told CNN on Thursday: “We don’t have any information that I know.”It simply came to our notice then. It is a very active study. “

Auckland prosecutor Karen McDonald told a news conference that his office was trying to determine whether Crumbley’s parents should be prosecuted and thought he would be notified on Friday afternoon.

McDonald’s said the transportation of firearms includes legal obligations, such as adequate gun insurance and separate storage of ammunition.

CNN asked lawyers if there was any evidence to support the allegations and confirmed the accusation. The lawyer did not want to detail how to use the investigation.

Bouchard told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday night that investigators were still working on the incident and that neither the suspect nor his parents had told police.

He said investigators were trying to find out how the 15-year-old was carrying a firearm.

“If someone in Michigan gives someone a gun and doesn’t legally own it, it’s a crime in our state,” he said. “This person cannot carry or has no weapons, so it would be a crime to give him away. And of course, if she took him to school with him, it would be another crime and she would join him. “

Prosecutors said in court on Wednesday that videos from school rooms showed Crumbley carrying a backpack and leaving the bathroom in a minute without a bag and a gun in his hand.

Crumbley started shooting outside the bathroom, said lawyer Marc Keast. “As the students started running, he followed a tempo-metotic path and was fired from classes and students who stopped running,” Keast said. Keast said it takes four or five minutes to get to the next bathroom.

School videos show that the killer was shot at close range and was often aimed at his head or chest, Bouchard told CNN.

When police arrived, Crumbley dropped the gun and relied on it, police said.

Crumbley has been charged with aggravated assault and four counts of first-degree murder. McDonald said he also faces seven counts of intentional manslaughter and 12 counts of possession of a firearm as a felony.

“There’s a lot of digital evidence … there are movies, there are a lot of things that have been posted on social media, but you probably don’t have to watch them know how dangerous it is to film with other students. And others. Crime.” “I mean, it was scary,” McDonald told CNN, accusing him of harassment.

McDonald’s Replied to the Homicide with Premeditation

Survivors are injured and sick.

When scientists tested the info of the homicide, the surviving college students observed it difficult.

Oxford High School pupil Jaw Pittman stated he stayed and noticed the incident. “We closed the door, close the door, simply became off the mild and concealed beneath neath the door,” the 17-year-antique informed CNN on Wednesday.

Javon stated he secretly referred to his father and whispered that a homicide had taken region at his college. His more youthful brother Jonte additionally went to high school for the duration of the capturing and escape.

JaMar Pittman, Javon’s father, stated: “It is horrible to pay attention to this sort of call.

Javon and his father have been glad and remembered the worry they each felt then.

“It handiest got here to our interest then. You can not pass close to your youngsters and be afraid. And be their leader, father, superhero, and others. You can not store your youngsters.” disaster,” stated Jaar Pittman.

Javon says the 2 killers are like brothers to him.

“I’m an amazing buddy of Justin (Shilling). We snicker at him with the entirety; we are fine. Tate Myre is a first-rate guy. She’s one of the quality humans I’ve ever met.” Just my father and God” stated Javon.

Zander Cumbey, an excessive college pupil, informed CNN that Tate became his quality buddy who performed football.

“He became an amazing man, an amazing leader,” he informed CNN. “I’ve constantly desired to maintain everybody secure and worried in the entirety I could.”

The sufferers have been shot at the college.

Four college students have been killed. One of them became handiest fourteen years antique.

NS. Juliana (14) is an expert baseball participant at Oxford High School.

“We will by no means neglect your kindness, mindset, and ardor for the game,” the organization wrote on Twitter. “You were captivated with Oxford baseball and worried in sports activities seeing that grade 6 camp.

Justin Schilling died Wednesday morning, Auckland County Police stated. Anita’s kitchen, in which the 17-year-antique works, says she became the bowling group leader, a passionate buddy, and “simply glad to be there.”

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