Flowers for Good Health.


Flowers not only provide us with great fragrance and in making our garden look stunning and colorful, but they do also have certain factors that help in keeping us healthy, both in mind and body. Have you ever noticed that there are online flowers that are edible and found on certain menus at the hotel? 

Guess it will be a no as we look into the areas of nonvegetarians and taste of other items of meat and sea foods. Well, some hotels provide edible flowers in different styles of cuisines and in the menus that are available around the world.

We cannot say all flowers are safe for eating, but they do help in making the dish look colorful and attractive, while some provide us with great health benefits. Let us look into some flowers that help give us good health by way of food.  

Top 5 flowers that are edible and have great health benefits:

Hibiscus – Flowers

Many of us know that Hibiscus comes in a variety of colors and is planted in most the gardens at home. This flower is mostly used for treating the problems of fertility in women, managing the cholesterol level, and keeping the diabetes level normal. 

They can be best used for a pregnant woman who is highly diabetic. The plant can be consumed directly by being plucked and also consumed as tea which is called Hibiscus tea which has many medical treatments. They are also used for baking certain foods. 


This flower is very small in size but is plentiful in numbers when grown. You can see them in large gardens or at nurseries. As we all know they are violet in color. They have many medical benefits to the body such as keeping your central nervous system intact, reducing the muscle spasm, fleeing the insect bite from you, and reducing the pain of burns on your skin. Lavender possesses a great floral flavor and is mostly used in baked bread, salad dressings, and so on. 

Nasturtium – Flowers

This is one of the favorite items in the culinary area. They are known for their bright-colored blossoms and are very unique for their flavor. The leaves and flowers of this plant can be eaten raw and can be cooked enjoyably. The shape of this flower is the shape of a funnel and they come in bright orange, red and yellow. They are best used for dressing in cakes, pastries, and salads. This flower is very common in Asian girls and even the most ratchet Asian girl like this flower.


Roses are not only beautiful and fragrant, but they also provide you with good health and also help in giving you good skin. They are full of phenolic components and also have many vital minerals and vitamins. The famous drink called Rose milk provides you with healthy and smooth skin

They smell good and also have a sweet flavor. They can either be eaten raw, mixed with salads, or mixed with green herbs. You can make squash only with the female version of rose and the male version can only be eaten, ensuring they are harvested fully. You can send flowers online to your colleague and cheer him up for his good progress in a team project.

Sunflower – Flowers

Sunflower oil is being used by many people in their homes for cooking and eating. But how many of you know that they can also be consumed and provide us with good health. They can not only be eaten but also used for preparing various dishes too. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and also have great flavonoids. 


When you add these flowers with their leaves, they look stunning and colorful and are attractive to the eyes. They are in many colors but the most common are pale purple, blue, and yellow. 

The petals of the flower are overlapping and the center of the top flower has a color that resembles an ink stain. Pansies can be received by online flower delivery in mumbai to enjoy its freshness within due time. They can be finely chopped and added to green salads to look colorful rather than salad being just green. 

Para cress – Flowers

They are a plant that is widely known as a toothache plant. They are the flower of yellow with a center of deep red. They pair with salads and also in preparing shrimps and ducks. They help in relieving your toothaches, common cold, and epilepsy. 


This is the plant that belongs to the family of Daisy and is mostly found in all parts of the world. Other than being a weed, they help in giving you health benefits in many ways. 

This plant gives you a high level of proteins and vitamins and some of their potential health benefits are in fighting inflammation, reducing cholesterol levels, helping weight loss, getting you off from constipation, and so on. 

Sage – Flowers

The other name of this flower is Salvia Officinalis. They belong to the mint family. This flower is being used as an ingredient in many cuisines around the world and is known to be the healthiest food. They help in supporting the bones, sharpening the memory, lowering skin aging, keeping diabetics in a normal stage, and so on. 


They are known to be native in the areas of the Rocky Mountains situated in the United States. They are found in markets and pharmacies in the form of tablets, juices, and tea. Some of the health benefits include treating colds, reducing anxiety, helping with problems of breast cancer, and also helping with inflammation.  

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