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11 Best content analytic tools for marketers in 2022

Nowadays, a world is driven by search engines for valuable and powerful content. And now need powerful content to grow and find the perfect content. Discover the 11 best content analytic tools for marketers in 2022 to help you identify what’s working and what requires improvement. Find out which companies are using If your subject is perfect, it doesn’t mean that it will be better. It will help you for generating leads. If you want to create more content, content analytics tools can help you measure, calculate, and track the effectiveness of your published content. Now I am going to discuss the best marketing analytics tools.

You need to try the best web analytics tools in 2021

To conserve your time and energy, we have listed the 11 best content analytics tools for you. It would be best to use it easily if you understand what marketing analytics tools are. Let’s discuss the best content analytic content. 

#1: SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the available cloud-based SEO analysis tools. It will help you obtain content marketers’ detailed insights into their website performance.

In this content analytics software, you can get valuable information about any web page. It includes keyword rankings for your content, top pages in organic search, high-performing keywords for paid ads, and content-related issues.

These insights can help you optimize any articles for the search engines. This free marketing analytics tool has an easy, user-friendly, and eye-catching interface. And it includes several valuable options, from tracking rankings and research of keywords to website audits and backlinks of monitoring. All are possible under one roof.

In this content, you can view a keyword of traffic analysis by backlinks by using these marketing analytics tools. It includes Organic search and paid search. The most important feature of this analytics platform is the option to create powerful white-labeled reports automatically. And immediately track the progress of all the projects which you have.

You can be started with a free trial for a 14-day to choose the best features for your needs. You can register for a premium subscription for full access to this content analytics software, starting at $39 per month.

#2: Oribi

Oribi tools is a groundbreaking analytics tool that helps businesses worldwide. It understands its content analytics — tag managers, no coding or developers required.

 You can even export events to Google and Facebook to craft laser-sharp Lookalike and retarget readers. Oribi automatically tracks quickly every page view and button. You can click on your site and group them according to the action they describe; all it takes is a click to build new audiences with precision.

Oribi is one of the marketing analytics platforms, has various features, which can take a bit of time to master. It still boasts a strong customer support team, which will ensure your onboarding experience is a success. Oribi is a paid platform. They are offering a free 7-day trial, including a one-on-one product tour with their conversion specialists. In this way, you can also discuss your site’s data. After the trial, plans start at $450/month.

#3: Clicky

Clicky is a web analytic tool that helps you follow user actions on a website. After that, it analyzes and reacts to traffic in real-time. The device is significantly related to Google Analytics, but it is considerably more user-friendly than Google Analytics. It helps users to create more helpful consumer segmentation. It gives real-time statistics that are essential to your project.

The best feature of this tool is the ability to see heatmaps in a real-time mode. This technology will visually learn how visitors are interested in your content, how long they visit your page, where they’re found, what steps they take, etc. You can also access the complete history of tweets, including summary activity reports by users, links, hashtags, and sentiment.

You can work it for free to monitor one website that has almost 3,000 daily pageviews. To track many websites or a website with higher traffic, you must update your subscription, beginning at $9.99 per month.

#4: Mention Holiday Marketing Toolkit

Mention gives every business a complete holiday marketing toolkit to improve their social media content, website, and emails.

This guide can help you organize holiday marketing campaigns that generate actual results all year.

This toolkit covers valuable tips and ideas to build a successful social media campaign. The content calendar remembers the essential marketing analytics tools and techniques, email marketing tactics to boost activity. And conversion optimization strategies to increase your holiday sales.

Their marketing toolkit is freely available to download. Just enter your first and last name and email. Check your inbox for the tool within some minutes.

#5: Cyfe

Cyfe is a great all-in-one business tools solution that provides you the capacity to get all of your data in one place in a transparent way.

This multi-functional tool you can use for various goals, correlating your social media growth with your content engagement. It also includes tracking your live video stream views, monitoring your website analytics daily, and analyzing your social media activities.

You need unlimited access to Cyfe; you can purchase the paid plan beginning from $29 per month.

#6: Varvy

Varvy is a simple auditing software that provides you with a detailed report regarding content, links, images, website speed, overview, and many more.

The tool will help you understand everything related to google analytics. You will also know how Google crawls and renders your site pages and how it works based on the guidelines of Google. Once you enter the URL, Varvy will display the optimization results, severity levels for SEO issues on your website, and errors. You can use Varvy without a charge or even registration. It is an accessible online tool.

 #7: Atomic Reach

This tool will analyze your content vocabulary, score it based on its emotional impact and readability, 

and obtain ideal models to improve your content extra time.

You can also connect your Google Analytics and social media account to understand. It tells us how visitors engage with your content and see the key trends, social views, and media shares.

To view Atomic Reach in business, you can hire a free demo. All pricing plans are customized and rise from $599 per content type per month.

#8: Zembula

Zembula is a new brand interactive content platform. It helps content marketers create and achieve more personalized content across various channels and estimate the success of each campaign. This tool allows you to develop interactive content for email SMS and social media marketing campaigns. It will provide a dashboard for you with specific compact stats and data on your readers with polls. 

The tool also offers helpful features, such as a countdown timer, overlay videos, and custom elements. You can demand a demo to see Zembula in progress. You can find a complete package for your business; you can reach their sales team for pricing details.

#9: ClickFlow

Click Flow reaches deeper into your website content and delivers actionable tips about the most popular articles with low CTR and high impression rates. You can create changes (meta descriptions, title tags, body content, etc.) to your articles in this data. And it shows that how those changes affect the results of your articles.

One of the best features is running an experiment by comparing your web page optimization to real. You can thoroughly understand the variables that lead to failure or success and get detailed insights that benefit you optimize in real-time. You can use with a free 21-day trial of this tool’s solution. You can subscribe for $99 per month, billed seasonally if you require more extensive benefits.

#10: Kuia

Kuia has a complete-featured content marketing platform that supports marketers in generating more qualified leads, creating interactive content, and increasing revenue. The software gives customizable and personalized calculators, visualizations, quizzes, and assessments that help you prepare important data about visitors. Kuia also offers numerous excellent features in one place, including audience targeting, brand management, and multi-channel publishing. This tool allows a free trial.

#11: Blaze

Blaze is a cloud-based automatic content audit tool that helps marketers audit. In this way, it analyzes online content, improves content strategies, and detects gaps. This software creates a single content inventory, analytics including metadata, and other resources. It evaluates all the content on your website and displays the most significant metrics in different ways, such as page views, unique visitors, time on page, etc. A free 14-day trial subscription is free if you need to try Blaze. After your 14-day trial ends, you can pay a subscription starting from $99 per month.

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