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Famous Brands That are Giving Back for Giving Tuesday

Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is also getting popular. It is the best way to encourage generosity in society. It falls on the first Tuesday after thanksgiving. The day when people make donations, the day of humanity, the day of kindness, the day of feelings. The primary purpose of Giving Tuesday is to motivate the goodness in the people’s hearts and help needy persons.

Giving Tuesday was started in 2012. It stirs up the millions of us to celebrate this moment of generosity. Many organizations are working on it. In addition, some brands are also trying to make this day special, the brand low-paid people always dreamed of.

10 Famous Brands Giving Back Their Expensive Products for Giving Tuesday

This article will tell you about 10 brands giving back their expensive products for giving Tuesday.


Chewy is one of the famous brands. You may often visit their shops for pets. On the occasion of thanksgiving, Chewy is also contributing a lot. It donates its products to the different animal rescue centers and local shelters for needy animals. It found out their needs from their wish lists and delivered them on doors of those shelter homes and rescue centers.


As we know that Toms is a well-known brand of shoes. This shoe is also trendy for its generosity. It is investing one-third part of its profit in the grassroots good. After selling every pair of shoes, a needy child in touch with different organizations got a new pair of shoes. They are trying to raise the low-paid people of the world. Through all of this process, they spread a message of generosity and kindness.


The most popular brand Away and Global Glimpse organization start working together. Away is contributing to the welfare works of Global Glimpse. Global Glimpse organized the trips for students. They make them explore the beauty of the world. Students learned about different social and economic factors and made society better through this.

Global Glimpse also provides scholarships to its students after examining their backgrounds. Away is helping the Global Glimpse and providing its customer with complete information.

Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett is a famous brand well known for its high quality and unique aprons. The fantastic thing is that these aprons have a lifetime guarantee, free return, and free shipping. But the main point is that Hedley & Bennett is donating 10% of its profit to the World Central Kitchen.

World Central Kitchen is a non-governmental organization. It provides meals to needy people who are badly affected by natural disasters. WCK has provided food to more than 65 million people in 400 different cities of their country. You can also be a part of this holy job through the shopping from Hedley & Bennett.


Everyone is donating through the 100% Human Collection. It gives a 10% bonus from each product to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Everlane has collected more than one million dollars yet. American Civil Liberties Union protects the rights of all natives of America.

Everlane stated that because every human should have their rights protected, they feel proud to donate 10% to the American Civil Liberties Union. Everyone also wanted to see you as a part of this donation on such a great occasion of giving Tuesday.

Williams Sonoma

Like many other famous brands, Williams Sonoma is doing a lot for humanity. On Giving Tuesday, they tried to collect 1 million dollars for donation. They donate 5 dollars from the profit of each sold product to No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry is a non-profit campaign trying to solve the problems of lack of food and hunger in the United States of America and worldwide. In California, No kid hungry donated more than a million dollars to feed the homeless families and tribes.

In addition, you can also select a gift from William Sonoma for donation. Your small contribution can change someone’s life.


Food52 is the best place to shop the kitchen products and tools used in cooking. Its generosity is like the quality of its products; both are remarkable. Food52 is trying its best to help low-paid and needy people. Every year on Giving Tuesday, it gives 5% of all of its products to a non-profit network Feeding America.

Feeding America is one of the most prominent organizations working on domestic hunger relief. They provide food to the people of their country and protect the environment by saving food.

On Food52, you can’t only donate to Feeding America but also buy a meal gift to present and celebrate this global generosity movement.

Tuft & Needle

Bedding and furniture are the main products of Tuft & Needle. This brand is also taking part in the Giving Tuesday campaign. It is working with the One Tree Planted organization. One Tree Planted is a non-profit organization that helps the environment by growing trees, especially in regions where wildfire destroys forests.

From Thanks Giving to Giving Tuesday, every purchase, Tuft & Needle will plant a tree. You should also help them to make this environment clean.

Liverpool Jeans

Another famous brand Liverpool Jeans is making efforts for humanity. It is working with the Global Green organization and supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Liverpool Jeans is bound to collect the 25,000 dollars. They donate 1 dollar from each product for this purpose.

For Breast Cancer Research Foundation Liverpool Jeans design a new pink style dress. 5% of sales from this style will help the BCRF.

All Modern

All Modern is also trying to help the people on giving Tuesday. It is trying to help the homeless people. All Modern is working with many non-profit organizations to solve the issue of homelessness. It doesn’t end here. All Modern is also providing a big offer on the day of Giving Tuesday. It is offering up to 25% off on all of its products.

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